Christians, Muslims and Jews take part in the concert “Prayers for Ukraine” in Chernihiv

21 September, 13:45
Christians, Muslims and Jews take part in the concert “Prayers for Ukraine” in Chernihiv - фото 1
Photo source: Voice of Ukraine
Spiritual works were sung by the Dmygtro Bortnyansky Academic Chamber Choir in the walls of the Borisoglebsky Cathedral. The concert is titled "Prayers for Ukraine". The event brought together Orthodox, Catholics, Muslims and Jews. The order of performance of works and speeches of representatives of faiths was chosen by drawing lots.

This is reported by Suspilne.

The art director of the choir Ivan Bogdanov spoke about the purpose of the event:

"Our main theme is prayers for Ukraine, how different religious communities perceive Ukraine, what they ask for when they pray for Ukraine, and how they see the Ukraine of the future. A concert of understanding, let’s just say."

The choir performed both Ukrainian and German, Bulgarian, Georgian, Jewish sacred music, eastern and African-American motifs.

Rector of St. Catherine’s church Roman Kinyk says that prayer for Ukraine takes place every day.

"There are statutory prayers when during the divine service, during the liturgy, we pray for our God-protected Ukraine, for its power and army. And there are private prayers. When those people who are worried, who have a heartache, a soul aches for the fate of our Ukraine, for its future. For the situation that is happening in our Ukraine."

The rabbi did not come to the concert, his religion does not allow him to stay in the walls of the temple, even the former One, says Oleksandr Chevan, a member of the board of the Jewish community.

"There is a Talmudic prescription that says that you should be a Jew in your home and a citizen on the street. That is, the laws of the state where we live, its well-being, its prosperity, its happiness, of course, are very important for us. Therefore, at some events in which the religious community participates, of course, the rabbi joins the words that are heard at these events. There is no separate prayer in the daily Jewish liturgy for any state in any country in the world."

"At every Friday prayer, we always pray for Ukraine, for its prosperity, for its conciliarity. For it to be a strong and strong state. Because it is also our home, Muslims," said Rustam Ali, an assistant to the imam.