December 24 is Christmas Eve, 25 December is Christmas according to Gregorian and Revised Julian calendar

24.12.2022, 08:47
December 24 is Christmas Eve, 25 December is Christmas according to Gregorian and Revised Julian calendar - фото 1
According to the story, this day the Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus Christ. The Son of God was born in Bethlehem, in a manger. The news of the birth of the Son of God was brought to shepherds by angels. Later the wise men camefrom the East who knew about the appearance of the Messiah from a legend. A bright star showed the way to the city. According to the teaching of the Church, the birth of Jesus Christ has opened the opportunity for salvation and eternal life for every Christian.

On 25 December the Roman Catholic Church, most Protestant churches, as well as part of the Orthodox churches - including the Churches of Constantinople (except Mount Athos), Antioch, Alexandria, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Albania, and Greece celebrate Christmas.

Christmas is marked on the night of January 6-7 by four Local Orthodox Churches–the Russian (including the Kyiv Metropolis), Jerusalem, Serbian and Georgian Churches, monasteries of Athosand Eastern Rite Catholics and someProtestants who observe the Julian calendar.

On the night of December24-25 the Roman Catholic churches in Ukraine held festive services. The main ceremony is held in the Vatican St. Peter Cathedral. This service, broadcasted by TV channels all over the world, is led by Pope Francis.

The Pope traditionally reads the Christmas message to all believers and all people of good will in the world from the balcony of the façade of St Peter Basilica in the Vatican.

Congratulations are read in 65 languages including Ukrainian.

The large Ukrainian community always attends St. Peter's Square. The Pope administers the traditional apostolic blessing ‘Urbi et Orbi’, which means "to the city,” that is Rome, and “to the world.”

On December 24 the Latin riteCatholics and other Christians who observe the Gregorian and Revised Julian calendar, have the Holy Supper. The Christmas Eve is actually the last day of a four-week fastbefore Christmas.

In the evening, on December 24, the first star that once had pointed the way for the wise men to the newborn child appears,the families gather for the festive supper. Before the meal, they read a passage from the Gospel, sing a carol, then they break the Christmas bread - wafer, symbolizing the joy of the holiday that is approaching. The wafers are blessed in churches during the fast before Christmas.

Sometimes several strands of hay are put on a tablecloth of the festive table as a reminder of a Bethlehem manger. Along with the Koliva there are always 12 meatless dishes on the table. At the end of Christmas Eve they usually sing carols and go to church on Christmas for celebratory Mass.