Easter, Christmas and Independence Day - sociologists named the most popular holidays among Ukrainians

23 August, 12:14
Easter, Christmas and Independence Day - sociologists named the most popular holidays among Ukrainians - фото 1
Easter, Christmas, and Independence Day have been identified as the three most popular holidays in Ukraine, according to a survey conducted by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (KIIS).

As reported by Radio Liberty, the survey findings indicate that Independence Day currently ranks among the top three most celebrated holidays in Ukraine. It is only surpassed by the two primary religious holidays, Easter and Christmas, with percentages of 70% and 69%, respectively. Independence Day holds a notable position at 63%. Among non-religious holidays, Independence Day is considered of utmost significance to Ukrainians. Following in popularity is Defender of Ukraine Day, with a 54% recognition rate.

The researchers reveal that New Year's, which has traditionally shared the top spot with Christmas and Easter worldwide, has slipped to fifth place in 2023 with a 52% recognition rate.

Constitution Day, International Women's Day, and Pentecost hold recognition rates of 29%, 25%, and 22%, respectively.

The least celebrated holidays in 2023 are Victory Day and Labor Day (May 1), acknowledged by only 13% and 5% of Ukrainians as favorite or important holidays, according to KIIS.

The sociologists highlight a significant shift in attitudes towards Independence Day. In 2013, this holiday was deemed important or favorite by just 12% of Ukrainians, whereas in 2023, the figure stands at 63%. In 2013, it ranked among the least celebrated holidays (only Constitution Day was less popular), but now it holds one of the top three positions in popularity, trailing only the two primary religious holidays. The most substantial changes have occurred since the widespread invasion, the researchers emphasize.

Furthermore, the researchers noted that an overwhelming majority of Ukrainians (at least 89%) support Ukraine's independence, while only 1% believe that Ukraine should unite with Russia. Absolute support for Independence was an established fact even before 2014; however, researchers report that this support has grown even stronger.

Ukraine celebrates Independence Day on August 24th, and August 23rd is marked as State Flag Day.