Famous Chersonesos Cathedral in occupied Crimea is deteriorating

18.01.2022, 11:40
Famous Chersonesos Cathedral in occupied Crimea is deteriorating - фото 1
St. Volodymyr Cathedral in Chersonesos is being destroyed and becomes dangerous for parishioners.

This is reported by Flot 2017 with a link to Crimean News Service.

The report says that the occupier authorities were asked to reconstruct the cathedral back in 2018. In three years, the condition of the cathedral has noticeably worsened.

"First of all, we are talking about the need to carry out facade works and repair the roof for it leaks like a sieve. But the priority is to eliminate the main cause of troubles that destroy the building from the outside and from within: to ensure the normal operation of all engineering systems," the publication cites the representative of the "My Story" Foundation Oleksandra Galkina.

It is noted that since the beginning of the occupation of Crimea by Russia, no repairs have been carried out in the cathedral.

St. Volodymyr Cathedral was founded in 1861 in one of the places of the alleged baptism of Prince Volodymyr of Kyiv in 987. It was damaged during the Second World War, restored in the 2000s.