France helps Russia misappropriate Ukrainian religious and historical heritage, - expert opinion

22.09.2021, 12:01
World news
France helps Russia misappropriate Ukrainian religious and historical heritage, - expert opinion - фото 1
The French leadership sometimes lacks discretion in international relations, in particular, playing along with the Russian Federation in its attempts to appropriate the historical heritage of Ukraine.

Ukrainian public figure and museum worker Oleksiy Kopytko shared this opinion on his Facebook page, according to Glavkom.

According to him, on September 17, a large-scale exhibition "France and Russia: 10 Centuries Together" opened in the Museums of the Moscow Kremlin, which will last until January 9, 2022. It was organized in the so-called "Cross Year of Interregional (Decentralized) Cooperation between Russia and France".

At the same time, according to Oleksiy Kopytko, both the organizers of the exhibition from the Russian side and Russian propaganda emphasize that the first act of Russian-French relations is the dynastic marriage of Princess Anna Yaroslavna and the French King Henry I.

The National Library of France even provided the exhibition with a charter from 1063 with a Cyrillic inscription, presumably autographed by Anna Yaroslavna. The exhibition also presents the "Reims Gospel", which is also associated with the name of Anna Yaroslavna.

"What kind of Princess is this and what relation she has to Moscow was not reported. Because it is the cornerstone of Russian-French friendship. If this" stone" is removed, then this friendship is shortened by 550 years and should be counted from the beginning of the 17th century. In 1615, the first Moscow embassy in France was held. Well, then Peter I was already acting," explains Oleksiy Kopytko.

"Attempts by distant relatives to misappropriate our princess are not new. I am touched by the systemic lack of discretion on the French side," he notes.

Therefore, according to Oleksiy Kopytko, France’s recent loss of a 56 billion contract for the supply of twelve submarines to Australia is karma and a fair consequence of France’s lack of discretion.

Russia is trying to misappropriate the history of the baptism of Ukraine-Rus. The Moscow Patriarchate " appropriated "Princess Olga of Kyivan Rus, calling her a "Russian woman". "Holy Equal-to-the-apostles Grand Duchess Olga of Russia" - here’s what you can read in the so-called Orthodox calendar of Russian churchmen.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin called Anna Yaroslavna a "Russian" and said that French-Russian relations began with her marriage to Henry I in 1051.