In the Vinnytsia region, 21 religious communities decided to move from the UOC-MP to the OCU over nine months

10.03.2021, 12:48
In total, 209 religious communities have already joined the OCU in the Vinnytsia region, and another 52 communities are in the process of transition.

This is reported by Depo.Vinnytsia.

According to Igor Saletsky, head of the Department for ethnic and religious affairs of the Vinnytsia regional state administration, the number of court appeals against such transitions has increased. So, to date, 80 proceedings have been opened in the courts to appeal against the changes to subordination and register such a change.

In total, as of March 1, 2021, 2,241 religious organizations of 49 faiths operate in the Vinnytsia region. Of these, there are 1,461 Orthodox religious organizations: the Russian Orthodox Church – 1,024, the OCU – 408, the Russian Orthodox Old-Rite Church – 14, and 13 independent Orthodox communities.