Israel invests in rehabilitation centers in Ukraine - chief rabbi of Ukraine Moshe Azman

20.02.2023, 09:56
Ukraine and world
Israel invests in rehabilitation centers in Ukraine - chief rabbi of Ukraine Moshe Azman - фото 1
Israel is ready to join and invest in constructing rehabilitation centers in Ukraine for people affected by the war that Russia started in Ukraine.

Moshe Azman, the Chief Rabbi of Ukraine, announced this at the Kyiv Jewish Forum-2023, NV reports.

According to him, Israel is already beginning to help Ukraine in the process of psychological rehabilitation of military and civilians.

"Israel has extensive experience in psychological adaptation and treatment of wounded and injured people. And, as far as I know, Investments in the construction of Rehabilitation Centers for the wounded and refugees are already coming here from Israel. This is very important, I think," the Chief Rabbi said.

He also spoke about people who were influenced by Russian propaganda in the temporarily occupied territories. Moshe Azman believes that nine years of pressure from Russian propaganda is a huge problem.

"Again, this is the same psychological problem. We need specialists here. Because I see how much they (Russia — Ed.) brainwash people. I think this is a psychological, even medical problem," the Chief Rabbi of Ukraine said.

This year's Kyiv Jewish Forum is dedicated to the anniversary of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

The slogan of the forum, which is attended by the president of Israel, members of the US Congress, European and American politicians, scientists and businessmen, is "Stand with Ukraine". The main venue for this year's event was Washington.

The Kyiv Jewish Forum was initiated in 2019 by the president of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine, vice-president of the World Jewish Congress, Boris Lozhkin. The event became an annual event, and in 2021, its online audience grew to one million people.

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