Jewish organizations ask the Cabinet of Ministers to protect Jewish cultural attractions

15.06.2020, 13:28
Liron Ederi - фото 1
Liron Ederi
Chief Rabbi of Kryvyi Rih, Liron Ederi, asks the government to protect cultural attractions. This is stated in the letter of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine.

This is reported by Glavkom.

Liron Yederi noted that the monuments built by Jews in Zholkva, Gusyatyn, Sharhorod, Lutsk and other cities of Ukraine are visited by more than 200,000 tourists every year. Still, today many of these monuments are destroyed and need protection, restoration, funding and mapping.

The Chief Rabbi of President Zelensky's hometown asks to establish the process to ma the culturally significant monuments of the Jewish past with their inclusion in the State register of immovable monuments of Ukraine.

Liron Ederi also hopes for the support of the state in the form of increasing the amount of subvention to local budgets, which will help to bring cultural heritage monuments in an attractive appearance and ensure proper care for them.