LPR destroys books about history and the Holodomor

23 January, 15:02
LPR destroys books about history and the Holodomor - фото 1
The "LPR" group decided to fight the so-called extremist literature and created a list of books that are recommended to be withdrawn from the collections of school libraries. The document addressed to the heads of educational organizations contains more than 300 items.

The list of books was published on his Telegram channel by the editor-in-chief of the Tribune media outlet, Oleksiy Artyukh, according to Glavkom.

The list of" banned" works consists of 365 items, most of which are books (fiction and documentary) on the history of Ukraine.

In particular, we are referring to fiction, history books, biographies, and essays related to Ukraine. In addition, there will no longer be any libraries on the shelves:

literature on the Holodomor in Ukraine;

textbooks and reference books on the history of Ukraine;

comic books for children and teenagers, literature that "promotes European gender values";

journalism published after 2014;

books from the series "Famous Ukrainians";

Fiction about "events of the period of modern history" in Ukraine and in the Donbas.

From now on, books by dissident Lev Lukyanenko, military figure Simon Petliura, publicist Oksana Zabuzhko, and former political prisoner Oleg Sentsov have been banned in the occupied Luhansk region. They order to withdraw from libraries the fiction novels of Irene Rozdobudko, Evgeny Polozhiy, Sergey Loiko, Vakhtang Kipiani and others.

Local librarians must list seized literature in triplicate, put the books themselves in boxes and bags, and then seal them. Library managers are threatened with personal liability for non-compliance.

"For 30 years, we have not been able to decommunize our libraries and fill them with books on the history of Ukraine in the proper quantity! And the enemies are one of the first steps to destroy everything Ukrainian that affects education and national identity," the library country Charity Foundation commented on the innovation.