Lviv eparchy of UOC-MP demands Archieparchy Sobor (Council) to declare an independance from Moscow

04.03.2022, 13:29
Metropolitan Filaret - фото 1
Metropolitan Filaret
Priests of Lviv eparchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow patriarchate public an open letter with the demand to call for Archieparchial Sobor (Council) of the UOChurch to declare the full independence from Moscow.

This letter signed by Metropolitan Filaret was public today on the Facebook page of the Lviv eparchy of the UOC-MP.

“Office of the Lviv Archdiocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church announced that on February 28th and March the 1st the Office received a lot of letters from the priests to the bishop with the request to ask to the Archbishop of the Church and the Synod, to call the Sobor (Council) on which decision of the exit from the Russian Orthodox Church and declaration of the Autocaphaly should be made", — stated in the open letter.

Lviv eparchy of UOC-MP demands Archieparchy Sobor (Council) to declare an independance from Moscow - фото 88494

Also in the Office of the Lviv Diocese of the UOC of MP named faked the news about search on the parishes in the Lviv oblast (region) and founding of the weapons.

"We want to let the Ukrainian society know that this information is not true and is a provocation… Ukrainian Orthodox Church is a Church of Ukrainian people and in the time of the war of our country with the Russian Federation it is openly condemn all acts of the Russian Federation and helps Ukrainian army and refugees with necessary stuff, grocery, asylum and heart-full prayer for Ukrainian victory", - stated in the diocesan notice.

The Office also stressed the fact, that already on the second day of the war the special recommendation by the Lviv bishop was sent about of the liturgical remembrance of the Patriarch of the Moscow Cyril in every church and parish of the Lviv eparchy.