Lviv police detain a clergyman for selling weapons

08.07.2020, 15:46
Weapons found during the search - фото 1
Weapons found during the search
Photo source: National Police
A 48-year-old man who has previously been prosecuted for illegal handling of weapons: he bought starter guns and noise pistols, converted them to combat zones and looked for customers for further resale.

This is reported by the press service of the National Police.

The criminal activity of priest exposed and documented by investigators of the Direction of Strategic Investigations in the Lviv region of National Police investigators of the Investigation Division of Major Crimes (detectives) Investigation Department of the Lviv Region National Police under the procedural guidance of regional Prosecutor's office.

During the pre-trial investigation, law enforcement officers found that a man in his own home organized a gunsmith's shop. Through the Internet, he bought starter guns, noise guns and models of other weapons, which he converted to combat ones. He also made cartridges for these pistols. In the future, he looked for buyers and mailed them weapons.

The 48-year-old resident has previously been brought to criminal responsibility. In December 2018, he was detained for illegal handling of weapons. According to the verdict of the Shevchenko District Court of Lviv, the man was found guilty of criminal offenses and sentenced to 5 years in prison.

Lviv police detain a clergyman for selling weapons - фото 53103
However, under Article 75 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, he is released from serving a sentence with probation, if he does not commit a new crime within two years and fulfills the duties assigned to him.

Therefore, in order not to fall into the field of view of the police, when buying guns and sending “goods” by mail, the man used fictitious personal data.

The police documented several facts on weapons sales. These were seized and sent for forensic examination, according to the results of which the seized pistols are firearms suitable for shooting.

Lviv police detain a clergyman for selling weapons - фото 53104
Today, on July 8, authorized searches are carried out on the territory of the Lviv, Cherkasy and Kyiv regions, in particular, at the place of residence of the attacker, as well as at buyers of weapons.
8 pistols, a shotgun, 15 magazines, 6 silencers, 165 rounds of ammunition, stun grenades and other weapons have already been seized. The searches continue.
The matter of detention of a 48-year-old resident of the Lviv region per article 208 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine and the election of a preventive measure in the form of detention is being considered.
For the offenses committed, the attacker faces a penalty of imprisonment for a period of three to seven years.
We can assume that they are referring the Dean of the Lviv district of the True Orthodox Church, who in January 2019 was arrested for illegal possession of weapons.
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