Ministry of Social Policy and churches to work together to counteract domestic violence

02.06.2021, 09:59
Ministry of Social Policy and churches to work together to counteract domestic violence - фото 1
Religious communities are participating in the implementation of programs to prevent and counteract domestic violence, including taking into account the growing number of cases of domestic violence caused by the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Issues of practical cooperation between the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine and Churches and religious communities were discussed during a meeting on countering domestic violence, which was held on June 1, 2021, in Kyiv, the Institute for religious freedom reports.

Deputy Minister of Social Policy for European Integration Olga Revuk informed the meeting participants about the main areas of the state program for preventing and countering domestic violence and gender-based violence for the period up to 2025, and also voiced those problematic issues that still need to be actively worked on.

"We must remember that for every case of domestic violence, a person and his life and security remain, which are the highest value of the state, so such meetings are designed to develop certain mechanisms that will minimize the problem of domestic violence," Olga Revuk said.

The meeting participants considered possible priority measures in the field of countering domestic violence, which the Ministry of Social Policy can implement in cooperation with churches and religious organizations. In particular, they discussed the importance of carrying out preventive measures to prevent new cases of violence, the formation of zero tolerance for this shameful phenomenon in society, taking into account the educational potential of religious communities.

Chairman of the board of the Institute of religious freedom Oleksandr Zayets spoke about the interfaith project "Stop Violence!", within which the information platform operates and educational events are held. This initiative is being implemented with the support of the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations.

Among other things, the participants discussed areas of practical cooperation where it is possible to combine the efforts of the state, churches and religious organizations to support victims of violence, including in overcoming the socio-economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fr Oleksa Petriv, the representative of the chairman of the AUCCRO, mitred archpriest of the UGCC, noted:

"The great potential of the network of religious organizations, being synergistically combined with state power in the process of implementing state policy to overcome domestic violence, will undoubtedly bear positive fruit. We are ready for such a partnership at all levels and in all related areas: social service, educational influence and many other areas that we are already implementing to strengthen the family."

The meeting was also attended by Bishop Vitaliy Krivytsky of the Roman Catholic Church, Deputy Chairman of the All-Ukrainian Union of Evangelical Baptist churches Ihor Bandura, First Deputy senior bishop of the Ukrainian Church of evangelical Christians Anatoliy Kozachok, Secretary of the Archdiocese of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine for public relations Fr. Vitaliy Danchak, deputy head of the Mission of the Synodal Department of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church for Family Affairs. Ioann Ruzhitsky, deputy mufti of the spiritual administration of Muslims of Ukraine Sheikh Rustam Gafuri and representative of the Association of Jewish religious organizations of Ukraine Gennady Beloritsky.

Petr Tkach, head of the Department for Monitoring Compliance with European Equality Standards of the Ministry of Social Policy, joined the discussion of the issues raised.