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The leaders of Muslim community and religious organizations signed a joint document on December 11, 2017 - The Social Concept of Muslims in Ukraine. At a solemn meeting, representatives of Islamic organizations spoke about the history of this document.

The leaders of Muslim community and religious organizations signed a joint document on December 11, 2017 - The Social Concept of Muslims in Ukraine. At a solemn meeting, representatives of Islamic organizations spoke about the history of this document.


A year ago, the Muslims of Ukraine signed a joint charter. Subsequently, the signatories received a series of critical remarks, and sometimes even allegations of having seceded from the traditions of Islam. It was decided to develop a more substantive document to present a common position on topical social issues.

The solemn meeting was opened by reading the singular provision of the Qur'an in Arabic. This text was translated into Ukrainian by the translator Mykhaylo Yakubovych.

The Mufti of RAMU "Ummah" Said Ismagilov spoke to the guests. He noted that the signing of the Social Concept is an outline of the basic principles under which the religious life develops, as well as the relations of the Muslim organizations among themselves. Sheikh Said told that the representatives of RAMU "Ummah" RAMC, All-Ukrainian Association of Arraides, representatives of other communities and experts were involved in the development of the document. The document is based on the Qur'an and the message of the Prophet Muhammad. Mufti Ismagilov also thanked everyone who contributed to the drafting of the text of the Social Concept.

Aider Rustamov, the Head of the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of the Crimea, supported his brother in faith. He believes that the mission of the adopted concept is to promote the development of inter-religious peace. In his view, an important step is the signing of the document by the majority of Muslim organizations. The complexity of the social concept, according to the convictions of the mufti, is a testimony to the perfection of the doctrine of Islam.


The Muslim leaders were greeted by the Director of the Department for Religions and Nationalities of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine Andriy Yurash on the solemn signing of the document. He has noted that since each religious community lives in a particular society, therefore the social concept is a necessary document for any community. The civil servant has also noted that Muslims from the time of the life of Prophet Muhammad have gained a rich experience of coexistence in different social realities. It is encouraging that the Islamic community wishes to form an understanding of its place in Ukrainian society. A. Yurash believes that the development of Muslim organizations will contribute to the enhancement of the diversity of religious communities in Ukraine. The official also praised the section of the Social Concept "Islam and Politics". He considers it highly balanced. "If some other denominations behaved in the same way as Muslims declare, we would have completely different realities in the social and religious sphere,” the director of the Department emphasizes.

Mikhail Yakubovich, Director of the Center for Islamic Studies at the Ostroh Academy, positively evaluates the social concept. He sees an evolutionary chain between the concept and the charter. The researcher emphasizes that this corresponds to the Islamic tradition of fundamentals and derivatives. That is, the concept is a logical development of the charter. Also, according to the scholar, the document will contribute to the consolidation of the Muslim environment of Ukraine. The scientist believes that certain provisions are a rethinking of the ancient Islamic experience in the new social realities. He also predicts that future intellectual leadership in Islam will be for theologians from Europe. Mr. Michael notes that the Charter of the Muslims of Ukraine is already familiar with the scholars and religious leaders of Eastern Europe, and also provides such a fate and concept.


Prof. Oleksandr Sagan spoke behalf of the Department of Religious Studies at the Institute of Philosophy of the Academy of Sciences. He read the previous opinion of religious scholars, noting that the full text of the expert assessment will be sent later. The scientific council of religious experts have highly appreciated the role of the concept and believes that the adoption of the document will be an impetus for the development of tolerance in Ukrainian society, since the real, rather than mythologized, views of Muslims will be clarified. Scientists note that this text is a truly Islamic-Ukrainian product. Experts believe that the authors of the document quite rightly consider it a fatwa.

Background: Fatva is a theological and legal conclusion in Islam, intended to clarify and apply in practice some of the provisions of the Sacred Texts of Islam or on issues for which there are controversial views.

Deputy Director of the Razumkov Center Mykhailo Mishchenko is also positive about the need for signing the document. He believes that the social concept is a person whose religion is turning to the problems of society. It is important that religions are judged by how they are presented by themselves in society.

Before signing the document, Sheikh Said Ismagilov stressed that all Muslim organizations that were not present at the event were invited to sign. It is noteworthy that neither the social concept nor the charter were signed by representatives of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Ukraine - the only Islamic religious association that is part of the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations.

P.S. The Religious Administrations of the Muslims of Crimea, which is formally part of the AUCCIRO, de facto does not participate in its activities.

The RAMC, which was part of the AUCCRO after the annexation of the AR Crimea remained in its territory and was re-registered under the legislation of the occupation authorities.

Religious communities formed from immigrants from the Crimea formed a new RAMC, but officially cannot register their association because the public register already has a community with the same name, although not valid.

Dmytro Horyevoy