"No need to panic, we must all be together" - Chief Rabbi Moshe Asman on the threat of war

16.02.2022, 12:45
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"No need to panic, we must all be together" - Chief Rabbi Moshe Asman on the threat of war - фото 1
Chief Rabbi Moshe Asman is not going to leave Ukraine and considers it his task to stop the panic, pray and help people.

He said this in a conversation with Lenta.ua.

"No need to produce any panic. The worst thing is panic, it is the first ally of the one who works against us. You can safely take everything. We prepare for any development of events: we prepare food, deal with security, help people, prepare certain places to help people. I want to emphasize that at such moments we should all be together. On the contrary, when there were wars in Israel, I went there specifically every time to help both financially and spiritually. And exactly in the areas where the missiles fell. And that's why I can't leave Kyiv. On the contrary, I show my presence here, and this inspires and inspires people with hope. I say I'm here, I'm with you, I didn't go. Although many have left-the Americans have left, the Israelis at the direction of the Israeli embassy and foreign ministry, many see this, think that they know something more and therefore people are excited. My task is to stop panicking, stop being nervous, pray to the Almighty and prepare for any development of events, only calmly, without nerves," the rabbi stressed.

Regarding those who left Ukraine in a difficult time, the rabbi believes that it is precisely in extraordinary situations that the true qualities of each person are revealed. Therefore, now the "Who is who"is manifested.

"I believe that Ukraine is at the intersection of geopolitical interests of different countries. And so it turns out that you need to learn to live underwater. As was the case in Israel, which has learned to live when it is always under attack, under threat. People live a normal life, but they are ready for different things at any second... You need to live a normal life, but at any moment be ready for anything. So don't succumb to panic. Otherwise, it is easy to go insane. This is how we learned to live in Israel," Rabbi Moshe Asman advised.