OCU Primate Epifaniy: Do not be afraid! Don't lose heart! Ukraine will defeat this invasion

16.04.2021, 13:27
OCU Primate Epifaniy: Do not be afraid! Don't lose heart! Ukraine will defeat this invasion - фото 1
By the grace of God, Ukraine will find peace. To do this, you need to pray and put aside fear and panic.

These words were addressed to the Ukrainians by the Primate of the OCU Epifaniy.

"We all strive to establish a just peace. Peace is the natural state of humanity. The Lord Jesus Christ often declared, as a truth and a wish, "peace be upon you." I have no doubt that Ukraine, by the grace of God, will find peace.

But will fear help us do this? No, fear cannot win," the first hierarch said.

Metropolitan Epifaniy reminded us that in these April days, we are entering the eighth year of the war. We did not start this war but only defend our land and values.

"And the aggressor neighbor is well aware that during all this time, Ukrainians have shown such strength of spirit and unity that few people expected from us. We were not destroyed by the shelling and were not broken by the aggressor's lies. Therefore, once again, in a panic, the Russian authorities are spreading the "fear virus" that they have been cultivating for centuries – threatening to destroy it, rattling weapons, and increasing psychological pressure. Fear is a really dangerous "virus" that can kill from inside. But fear is just a tool that the aggressor wants to conquer us with.

Don't be afraid!

Don't lose heart!", - the Primate of the OCU urged.

The Metropolitan also noted that in 2014 we rallied and pushed back the enemy. So it will be this time.

"We are a strong people and know how to overcome challenges. Remember the events of 2014, when the "virus of fear" was spread, but in the face of real danger, the fear disappeared, instead the prayers of Churches and the unity of the people, the strength of the army and the wisdom of diplomats became a wall against the aggressor's plans. As a result, we have preserved statehood, won spiritual independence, enshrined in the Tomos, won international support, brought up strong young people, and managed to form a powerful defense on the front line and in the hearts of millions of compatriots.

There is no doubt that we will defeat this invasion as well. Our Church prays for deliverance from strangers. Our chaplains take care of the military. The Ukrainian Church is with the Ukrainian people.

"Do not be terrified; do not be afraid of them. The LORD your God, who is going before you, will fight for you, as he did for you. (Deut. 1: 29-30)".