OCU Synod: persons ordained by Bishop Filaret since June 2019 to be defrocked

02.02.2022, 17:17
OCU Synod: persons ordained by Bishop Filaret since June 2019 to be defrocked - фото 1
The Holy Synod of the OCU, which took place on February 2 in Kyiv, decided to degrade from the holy orders several persons who had been ordained by Bishop Filaret since June 2019 and to bring them to ecclesiastical court. The Synod did not apply extreme measures to the former head of the UOC-KP himself.

According to the OCU press service based on earlier decisions taken by the Holy Synod, it was determined that the former Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate, His Grace Filaret (Denisenko), is a bishop of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine at rest, who, by virtue of being at rest since June 2019, is canonically prohibited from performing actions that fall within the competence of the diocesan bishop and the Primate of the Church, in particular, it is forbidden to convene and lead meetings to resolve issues of church administration, it is forbidden to perform ordination in any holy order, and so on.

Solely out of respect for the previous merits of His Grace Filaret (Denisenko) and taking into account his age and state of Health, the Holy Synod applies extreme econonomy to the honorary patriarch at rest, without taking tougher measures of canonical response to violations committed by him.

All persons who were called bishops in violation of the canons and the Charter of the church without election by the Holy Synod and without the blessing of the Primate of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, since June 2019, in fact, do not have episcopal ordination and dignity, and therefore for robber assignment of Episcopal titles and powers and other actions aimed at provoking divisions in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, these persons are subject to church court and defrocking.

The Synod stressed that any followers of the old calendar schism from Greece are not in ecclesiastical communion with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and in no case can be accepted into such communion; given the new crimes committed against the Holy canons, the Synod asked the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church of Greece to consider excommunicating Auxentius Marinis and George (Chrysostomos) Kallis from the Church.

Former Metropolitan Ioasaf (Shybayev) of Bilgorod and Oboyansk, former Bishop Filaret of Belgorod-Dniester (Panku) and former bishop Peter of Valui (Moskalev) were defrocked for gross violation of canonical order, participation in illegal meetings and so-called episcopal consecrations in Moscow. In Kyiv, they were banned from the priesthood and summoned to the Court of the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine on charges that makes them subject to defrocking. In case of absence from the meeting, the proceedings are to be held in absentia.