Part of the ROC delegation was FSB officers, - Archbishop Yevstratiy comments on the World Council of Churches

07.10.2022, 11:10
Part of the ROC delegation was FSB officers, - Archbishop Yevstratiy comments on the World Council of Churches - фото 1
The OCU spokesman reiterated this in an interview with Ukrinform.

As a journalist assumed that the hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church at the World Council of Churches could not express their condolences to Ukrainians because they were assigned by the FSB, the OCU spokesman replied that part of the delegation of the Moscow Patriarchate itself was the FSB. This is reported by Spiritual Front of Ukraine.

"Did you say the FSB officers supervised them? They didn't supervise them, part of the delegation was actually the FSB. According to my observations, no one from the delegation was ever left alone. They always moved in groups of at least three or four people. And this is one of the ancient KGB methods for foreign delegations of the Soviet era. Delegates at such forums have never had the right to be alone in order to prevent any unauthorized contact," the Archbishop of the OCU said.

He recalled declassified documents from which it is known that a delegation of the Russian Orthodox Church went to the Assembly in Vancouver, which was held in the early 80s, where half of them were direct KGB agents.

"The published data show how the KGB prepared for this assembly and how certain documents that were beneficial to the Soviet Union were promoted. I saw at the current assembly one of the bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church, whom I had previously thought was an "employee". By the way, he looks in the photo, how he speaks, and what language constructions he uses, it looks like he is not just cooperating because, one way or another, they all collaborate with the FSB, but a person who was simply dispatched by the intelligence services to work on the church issue. When I saw him live, my "visual" conviction was confirmed, I have no doubt that this person is an officer of the Russian special services," Archbishop Yevstratiy said.

"The only question is which specific special service this or that delegate is related to, that is, it is either the Federal Security Service, or the Foreign Intelligence Service, or it is the former Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Federation," he concluded.