The "persecuted" Church: UOC-MP consecrated nine churches in one week

03.06.2021, 09:29
The "persecuted" Church: UOC-MP consecrated nine churches in one week - фото 1
The consecration of 9 new churches was completed in a week in the Dioceses of Cherkasy, Rivne, Simferopol, Tulchyn, Dnipropetrovsk, Izyum and Kherson of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate.

This is reported by Orthodox Life.

Construction of new liturgical buildings is ongoing in a number of dioceses:

- On May 22, the foundation of the Transfiguration Church under construction in the village of Yasinya (Plytovaty village) of Rakhoivsky was consecrated in Transcarpathia.

- On May 23, metropolitan Elisey of the UOC-MP consecrated the Lower Church of "Christ the Saviour Who Healed a Paralytic at the Pool of Bethesda ", built in the village of Vysochinovka, Zmiyevsky district, Kharkiv region.

- Metropolitan of Kherson consecrated the Lower Church of the Icon Of the Mother of God "The Unfading Flower", the Apostle Andrew the First-Called and the Blessed Prince Daniel of Moscow in the parish of the righteous John of Kronstadt in the village of Bilozerka, Bilozersky district, Kherson region

- As RISU has reported, on May 27, the church was consecrated on the territory of the chemical plant "Azot", the largest industrial enterprise in Cherkasy.

- On May 29, the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in the village of Pivche Zdolbunovsky district, Rivne region.

- On May 29, in the village of Vorobiyivka, Nemirovsky district, Vinnytsia region, the Metropolitan of the UOC-MP consecrated a church, a memorial cross and a bell tower in the churchyard.

- On May 29, in the occupied territory, Bishop Kallinik of Bakhchisarai consecrated the Church of the Blessed Prince Alexander Nevsky in the city of Stary Krym.

- May 29 consecration of the church on the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos in the city of Berdiychiv, Zhytomyr region.

- On May 29, the lower Church of St. Nicholas Church of Lotz-Kamenka, the city of Dnipro.

- On May 30, the Hospital Church of St. Luke of Crimea in the Izyum Central Hospital of the Peschanskaya mother of God.

- On May 30, the Moscow Patriarchate laid the cornerstone and a memorial capsule in the new church, which is being built by the community of St. Michael's Parish in the village of Moshkiv, Mlyniv district, Rivne region.

- On May 31, the chapel of St. Sergius of Radonezh was consecrated in the first Cherkasy Orthodox gymnasium operating in the village of Dumantsi and laid a capsule with a commemorative certificate in the foundation of the Church of the Preeminent Apostles Peter and Paul in the village of Chornyavka, Cherkasy region.

Note that the UOC-MP reiterates that they are discriminated against at all levels. This, in particular, was stated by Bishop Viktor of Baryshiv, while commenting on words head of the Office of the president of Ukraine Andriy Yermak, that in Ukraine all faiths feel free and independent.

The Moscow Patriarchate also declares about the "persecution " and "forceful seizure of temples" at the international level.