Political expert names the two most important challenges that OCU faces

09.02.2021, 10:01
Political expert names the two most important challenges that OCU faces - фото 1
Political expert Viktor Taran believes that one of the main challenges the OCU faces is to complete the process of re-registration of communities.

He wrote about this in a column in Gazeta.ua.

"At the local level, a situation has emerged where after the church communities transfer all the necessary documents to the regional state administrations, the latter actively obstruct the renegotiation of new contracts.

There is information that this process is blocked by one of the deputies of the Office of the President, who is faithful to the UOC-MP," he said.

Taran noted that Vinnytsia and Cherkasy regions are the leaders in hampering re-registration.

"Another danger is the abolition of the Law 2662 by the Constitutional Court, which provides for the duty of religious organizations that have their own governing center in the aggressor country, that is, in the Russian Federation, in its official name must indicate affiliation with such a religious center," a political expert stresses.
"Of course, this is not all the challenges that the revived Church should overcome. But we must state that with the receipt of the Tomos and the creation of the Church, the process of national self-awareness and the formation of the national identity of the Ukrainian people actually ended.

And the last two years were only the first small step towards the development of the revived Orthodox Church of Ukraine," Viktor Taran added.