Primate of the OCU: “Progress” to be the Ukrainian word of the year 2022

17.12.2021, 09:55
Primate of the OCU: “Progress” to be the Ukrainian word of the year 2022 - фото 1
The outgoing year was very difficult for our state. However, the Ukrainians found the strength to face all the challenges.

This was stated by Metropolitan Epifaniy at the forum "Ukraine and the Universe Ahead in 2022", the website of the OCU reports.

"I would choose the word "immunity" as the word of the year for Ukraine. Biologists interpret immunity as the ability of organisms to resist harmful microorganisms. And 2021 was indeed the year when Ukraine developed not only the ability to resist a biological virus but also formed immunity and resistance to other "harmful and aggressive pathogens" – fakes, lies, Putin's threats, deception, arbitrariness. Together we form a reasonable immunity, which is based not on propaganda or fraud, but on truth, facts, history, personal experience and good traditions," he said.

According to the Primate, Ukraine is now taking decisive steps to finally break away from the Russian Empire.

"For a deeper understanding, it is worth remembering the original meaning of the word 'immunity'. In the Roman state, Immunitas were called communities and individuals who were free from obligations to the Empire. Our Immunitas are an opportunity to live freely in a country that is no longer ruled by the Soviet evil empire or its heirs. We won our Immunitas in centuries of struggle, confirmed it in a 1991 referendum, and defended it in the squares. Today, Ukraine is taking decisive steps to finally break free from the shackles of the Russian-Soviet empire," the first hierarch said.

"I believe and hope that our Ukrainian word of the year in 2022 will be the word "Progress": development, progress, evolution, something opposite to retreat, regression, division and upheaval. Progress is impossible without vision and faith. The vision is a guiding star and a work of the mind. Our mind allows us to understand the horizons and determine aspirations and goals. Our faith is a force that allows us to get on the path, serves as a driving force and support on the path. Just as light is both a wave and a particle, progress is both a matter of reason and faith. This is, in my opinion, the formula for success in the modern world," the head of the OCU added.

The event "Ukraine and the Universe Ahead in 2022", which was held at the Mystetskyi Arsenal, was attended by Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov, charge d'affaires a.i. of the United States in Ukraine Kristina A. Kvien, representatives of Ukrainian business and the active public.