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RISU invites friends to join the fundraising for the new website

01.02.2022, 15:27
RISU invites friends to join the fundraising for the new website - фото 1
As of February 1, 2022, the RISU editorial office needs to collect 210,000 hryvnias to pay for the new website. We have set a bar for ourselves: to collect the said amount by May 1, 2022.

Today the RISU editorial office turns 21. More than 125,000 pieces of news, articles, interviews, and inquiries in three languages have been prepared over this time. Millions of readers from more than 100 countries visited our website, and now it is 4-7 thousand people a day. Hundreds of publications have reprinted our materials.

Here is more information about how it all began –

The editorial office celebrated its 20th anniversary with a new website and a new address - risu.ua. Since we did not have the required amount at that time, we had the site made on the condition that we pay within a year or sooner. However, in May 2022, it will be two years since the site was created, and we still owe more than 2/3 of the cost of developing the portal.

Moreover, starting from 2021, the editorial office has virtually no full-fledged financial support. Therefore, we have created a stabilization fund that would allow us to work without grants or other permanent funding. We fill it with donations from our readers, friends, and advertising revenues. Allow us to remind you that RISU operates thanks to grants and donors, and none of the Churches or religious organizations finances us. Instead, RISU is supported by some individuals and institutions. In 2021 and January 2022, we received more than 70 thousand UAH, which we used to settle the debt and pay for hosting and domain name.

And now we have set a priority: raising funds (about 210 thousand UAH) to repay all debt for the new RISU portal. We wish to attain this goal by May 2022, that is, by the second anniversary of its creation.

Thus we encourage all our readers who deem our work important and want the RISU portal to continue existing and developing to support us and invest in the new RISU portal!

It's very easy to do so. You can make a donation right here on the RISU portal!

As for our friends worldwide, we have provided bank details and other easy ways to support us.

We like to cite the words of Bishop Borys Gudziak: fundraising is friend-raising! We also agree with his opinion that sponsors who donate large one-time sums are essential, but those who make large or small donations regularly (preferably monthly) are especially treasured! And there were about two dozen such people last year.

Therefore, RISU is primarily looking for regular friends-readers-authors and simply good people who are not indifferent to what happens to religious journalism in Ukraine and believe that projects such as RISU should operate and develop efficiently.

Blessed be the hand that gives!

UPD. Here are some archival videos about us: