Russia to send priests to war in Ukraine

03.10.2022, 10:11
Russia to send priests to war in Ukraine - фото 1
The military command of the Russian Federation believes that priests are the same citizens as everyone else. Priests were allowed to go to the front only as clergy.

This is reported by Focus.

The Russian military command can call up monks as part of the mobilization if they have a military record book. This was reported to the RBC news agency on the 122 hotline, which informs about the mobilization.

Experts assured that all Russian citizens who are in the army reserve are subject to mobilization.

"If a monk has a military ID card in his hands, he is in reserve. Even if he has never served but has a military ID card in his hands, he can be mobilized. He is the same Russian citizen as everyone else," the hotline explained.

Vakhtang Kipshidze, deputy head of the Synodal Department for Church-Society and Media Relations, said in the interview with The Daily Storm that Russian priests have the right to participate in the war unleashed by Russia without weapons in their hands and as clergy.

"Priests serve in the Army as military chaplains. This is the only opportunity for them to participate in a military operation," Kipshidze said.

Professor of the Moscow Theological Academy, doctor of theology Alexey Osipov noted that clergymen are forbidden to take up arms to kill people. They are used at the front as "healers of the soul" of the invaders.

Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of the Russian Orthodox Church called on the faithful to "spiritual mobilization".

"Many are rebelling against Russia, and many are dizzy with the desire to destroy Russia, its identity, independence and freedom. And so we must especially strengthen ourselves in our faith today, " he said.

Kirill said that there is no need to be afraid to go kill Ukrainians because "Christ is risen and we will rise again", and all the sins of the military will be forgiven. If the invader dies in the war, he will "be with God" because he "defended" his country.