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Russian Jews feel concerned about revising results of World War II in post-Soviet space

17.03.2010, 18:54
March 9, 2010, Interfax

March 9, 2010, Interfax

Moscow, March 9, Interfax – The Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia is concerned with the decision of Moldavian government to equal Soviet soldiers-liberators to advocates of Marshal Antonescu who fought for Hitler's Germany.

"Recent events in Moldavia can be considered especially blasphemous on the threshold of the 65th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War," the FJCR says in its statement distributed in Moscow on Tuesday.

Thus, the major Jewish organization in Russia responded to a recent decision of Moldavian authorities to decorate with jubilee victory medals both Soviet veterans and members of the occupational Romanian Army.

Authors point out that marches of the Waffen SS veterans have become regular though "they insult memory of innumerable victims suffered from the crimes against humanism committed during World War II."

"Year after year, the Jewish community of Russia has urged governments of the Baltic states and all the countries trying to falsify results of World War II to give independent evaluation to the facts of execution performed by the Fascist units on peaceful citizens of their countries and collaboration during the war. However, leaders of the countries have not given any balanced and multilateral evaluation of these events," the statement stresses.

The Jewish Federation again urges leaders of the European Union and the United Nations "to adequately evaluate" this "silent indifference" of such European states as Latvia, Moldavia, Estonia and Ukraine.

"If there will be no statements from the UN and EU on the matter then we can speak about full rehabilitation of Nazism in Europe and in the world," the Federation of Jewish Communities believes.