Russian television suggests "declaring Zelensky the Antichrist"

04.12.2022, 13:43
Russian television suggests "declaring Zelensky the Antichrist" - фото 1
Russian propagandists "broadcasting" from TV screens, declare that "Zelensky is possessed by Satan and should be proclaimed the Antichrist".

This is reported by Channel 24.

"I think that the Orthodox Church should declare Zelensky the official Antichrist. Because from a religious point of view, he is the Antichrist," Russian propagandist Araik Stepanyan said in an absurd statement.

He said that everyone should forget the name Zelensky because "he made a deal with the devil and embodies what he concluded." In his opinion, Orthodoxy is being destroyed.

In addition, the propagandist also recalled the insane amount of Ukrainian blood spilled, which, according to him, is the result of the actions of the Antichrist-Zelensky. Stepanyan stressed that"he needs to be finished off."

Back in late October, Russian propagandists began to change their rhetoric about the "special operation" in Ukraine to religious. Almost simultaneously, they started talking about the so-called "desatanization". Assistant secretary of the Russian Security Council Alexey Pavlov said that there are allegedly "hundreds of active sects" in Ukraine, so it is worth carrying out "desatanization".

Pavlov also mentioned the desecration of the worship cross in Kyiv in 2015. According to him, this was allegedly evidence of the actions of pagans and the "Church of Satan". Pavlov also sees manifestations of "Satanism" in "calls to kill Russians." He believes that all these "manifestations" are welcome at the state level.

Pavlov called the Revolution of Dignity of 2013-2014 a powerful impetus for the development of "sectarianism" in Ukraine, after which Ukrainians allegedly began to abandon the "centuries-old traditions and values" of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. He claims that using network manipulations and psycho-technologies, the new government turned Ukraine from a state into a totalitarian hypersect.

As RISU has reported, the SBU has already conducted a number of inspections on the premises of the UOC-MP. The events are held to prevent the use of religious communities as a cell of the "Russian world" and to protect the population from provocations and terrorist acts. Among the items found by law enforcement officers are a lot of cash and books of xenophobic content with offensive fiction about other nationalities and religions. The pamphlets found deny Ukraine's right to independence and note that Russia, Ukraine and Belarus "cannot be divided". Citizens with Russian passports were also found in the monasteries of the UOC-MP.

The SBU has published a list of persons included in the "Church list" of NSDC sanctions approved by the decree of President Volodymyr Zelensky.

According to the SBU, restrictive measures against these individuals are introduced for a period of five years and will concern blocking assets, restricting trading operations, blocking the withdrawal of capital from Ukraine, and so on. In addition, all of them are deprived of state awards of Ukraine and other forms of celebration.

From now on, these individuals will not be able to acquire ownership of land plots, and privatize state property and intellectual property rights.

The SBU assures that it continues its comprehensive work to protect Ukrainian statehood and will continue to expose individuals who threaten Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity.