“Russia’s accusations against Muslims become the ROC official stance," - Said Ismagilov

02 April, 12:37
“Russia’s accusations against Muslims become the ROC official stance," - Said Ismagilov - фото 1
"The things for which Russia accused Muslims have become the official position of the Russian Orthodox Church," said Said Ismagilov. By analyzing the decisions of the "All-Russian People's Assembly," where aggressive war against Ukraine is referred to as "sacred," the former mufti of the religious Administration of Muslims of Ukraine "Umma" concluded that Russia now has an entirely official religious ideology justifying conquest and subjugation of other nations and countries.

"Thus, our enemy now has a completely official religious ideology that justifies conquest and subjugation of other nations and countries and demands waging war against those who oppose this and want to live by their own values, beliefs, and convictions," he wrote on his Facebook page.

Ismagilov believes that the official Russian Muslim "clergy" will soon follow in the same ideological path, confirming that they are conducting a "jihad" against us.

"It is strange, but in the 21st century, an occupant is creating a religious basis for justifying war and occupation of territories of sovereign states.

International agreements, the UN Charter, and all human rights together with other massive international documents are going into the dustbin of history. And interestingly, it seems to work, the world order after the Second World War is being dismantled before our eyes.

Our country has once again miraculously found itself at the forefront of a new 'Holy War'.

Should our religious leaders develop their own documents justifying our defense from enemies from a religious standpoint, or will we continue to whine about human rights, freedom of religious beliefs, and UN norms?

There are no more international statutes; get your books on jihad and holy war off the dusty shelves because against a crowbar, there is no defense except another crowbar," Said Ismagilov noted.

It is noteworthy that the Russian Orthodox Church dubbed SMO as the Holy War for the right to live on "one's own land.