Said Ismagilov and two other Muslims received the 3rd Degree Order of Merit

29.08.2022, 09:47
Said Ismagilov and two other Muslims received the 3rd Degree Order of Merit - фото 1
Said Ismagilov was the Mufti of the Religious Administration of Muslims of Ukraine "Ummah", but during this time, he became the driver-shooter of the paramedic crew. Murad Putilin is the chairman of the chaplain service of Muslims of Ukraine. Zair Smedlyaev is a public figure.

"I just found out that me and my brother-in-arms Murad Putilin and also Zair Smedlyaev, whom I deeply respect, were awarded the III degree Order of Merit.

It is a great honor for me to receive such recognition from the Ukrainian people. I promise to continue to protect our country, people, national interests, and spiritual integrity and save our soldiers at the front, which I am currently doing," Said Ismagilov said in his post.

He expressed gratitude for awarding representatives of the Muslim community of Ukraine with high state awards.

Said Ismagilov and two other Muslims received the 3rd Degree Order of Merit - фото 98374

In one of the interviews with Ukrinform, Said Ismagilov noted that "in times of, a real man should become a warrior."

"I'm a paramedic driver, but I have a gun. I am a shooter and driver, I have to be responsible for everyone and take the fight if necessary. In Islam, it is allowed that the Prophet Muhammad himself fought a war with weapons, so there is no phenomenon that an imam or Mufti cannot take up arms. But he can. And even has to... I knew that I could be a combat unit, that I should defend the country," Said said.

He became a paramedic driver by accident. He joined the territorial defense of the Svyatoshynsky district. So he joined ASAP Hottabych, which cooperates with the Hospitallers Battalion led by Yana Zinkevych. They are engaged in the removal of the wounded, providing pre-medical care, and evacuation. They perform evacuation tasks from the battle line to the wounded stabilization points, where they are stabilized, and other crews in ambulances are already taking them to the hospital.

Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 593/2022 On conferment of the state awards of Ukraine on the occasion of the Independence Day of Ukraine was published on the official website of the Head of State on August 23.

The awards are intended for significant services in strengthening Ukrainian statehood, courage and dedication shown in protecting Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, significant personal contribution to the development of various spheres of public life, defending the national interests of our state, and conscientious performance of professional duty.