Saint Princess Olga was not the "Foundress of Russia". Poroshenko urges WEF to correct the mistake

11.03.2021, 18:32
Ukraine and world
Saint Princess Olga was not the "Foundress of Russia". Poroshenko urges WEF to correct the mistake - фото 1
The fifth president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, called on the World Economic Forum (WEF) team to correct information about the Holy Princess Olga of Kyiv, who was named "the foundress of modern Russia" in a publication in honor of March 8.

This is reported by Religiyna Pravda while citing Interfax.

"By March 8, the World Economic Forum, which I respect, published a list of six women who changed world history. It is an honor that this list also includes our Princess Olga, Equal-to-the-Apostles, whose memory is simultaneously honored by the Ukrainian Orthodox and Catholic churches. Imagine my indignation when I read that the World Forum calls our princess the Russian ruler and foundress of modern Russia. And her husband, Prince Igor, was called Ivan," Poroshenko wrote on the social network Facebook.

He noted that Princess Olga was indeed an outstanding ruler, conquered rebellious tribes, made the first state reform and laid strong diplomatic ties with Western Europe.

"However Rus with its capital in Kyiv existed on the territory of modern Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, and therefore Princess Olga cannot be considered the progenitor of the Russian Federation, because the Moscow Principality was founded only more than 300 years after her death," Poroshenko said.

"Every day, we witness how important it is to protect not only the information space but also our own cultural heritage when even reputable international institutions can become elements of hostile propaganda. I request that the World Economic Forum team immediately correct mistakes in the description of one of the most famous women in Ukrainian history and check their sources more carefully," he added.