SBU exposes enemy accomplice in cassock, who worked for Kharkiv region gauleiter

08.11.2022, 16:12
SBU exposes enemy accomplice in cassock, who worked for Kharkiv region gauleiter - фото 1
The Security Service of Ukraine exposed another rector of the UOC-MP in the Kharkiv region, who called on the local religious community to support the invaders, justified in his "sermons" the crimes of the Russian aggressor and contributed to the spread of the occupation regime in the occupied part of the region, for which he personally contacted the local gauleiter Vitaliy Ganchev.

This is reported by the SBU press service.

“It was with him that the representative of the UOC-MP coordinated his actions to use the church to attract citizens to the ranks of the enemy and discredit the Defense Forces of Ukraine. To carry out subversive activities, he attracted a parishioner from one of the local villages, who helped him spread pro-Kremlin propaganda on the territory of the community," the SBU notes.

During the liberation of the district, the priest and his accomplice fled to the Russian Federation, where they are now hiding.

Both defendants were informed of suspicion under Part 1 of Article 436-2 (justification, recognition as legitimate, denial of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and put on the wanted list.

According to, this is the church rector in the village of Hetmanivka, Kupyansk District of the UOC Diocese of Izyum, Vadym Naduty. According to available information, Fr Vadym participated in the gathering of the territorial community with the participation of Russian military personnel. Accompanied by them, he tried to take the keys to the administrative building from the village headman. The priest was also repeatedly seen entering a military unit of the Russian Federation in the village of Pervomaiske and contacted the commander of the local group of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation with the callsign "Virazh". He even signed a thank-you note.

During the capture of Hermanivka, the cleric personally met the Russian military near the Church of the Diocese of Izium, and also distributed Russian humanitarian aid on the territory of the church.