"School Backpack 2023": Caritas Ukraine launched annual charity campaign for children

30 June, 14:00
"School Backpack 2023": Caritas Ukraine launched annual charity campaign for children - фото 1
The International Charitable Fund Caritas Ukraine is launching the annual All-Ukrainian charity campaign, "School Backpack", with a goal for 2023 to raise UAH 1,500,000 and purchase 1,000 backpacks.

According to the Information Department of the UGCC, the "School Backpack" campaign has been implemented by the fund for 22 years to ensure that Ukrainian children facing difficult life circumstances, including those from large and internally displaced families, as well as families affected by the war in Ukraine, are provided with necessary school supplies and stationery.

In the conditions of the full-scale war in Ukraine in the 2023-2024 school year, returning as many children as possible to schools is the intention of the Ministry of Education and Science to avoid distance learning.

Under such circumstances, school backpacks and quality stationery are essential for children, and the financial situation of their families should not hinder their access to quality education.

"This academic year will probably be the most difficult for Ukrainian families. Due to the war, families are exhausted not only morally and physically but also financially.

We call on all our partners and concerned citizens to support this year's campaign and help children in difficult life circumstances to adequately prepare for school.

Corporate companies can join the program by allocating funds within their social responsibility, while private individuals can make donations on our website using this link.

Thanks to the support of benefactors, we have been able to bring joy and positive emotions to little schoolchildren every year. We are confident that together, with our joint efforts, we will be able to prepare children in need for school this year as well. Together, we can achieve more!" - commented Odarka Bordun, Director of Communications and Mobilization of Resources at Caritas Ukraine.

In 2022, a total of UAH 591,460 was raised, which was used to purchase and equip 500 school backpacks.

The traditional set for a student's school backpack in grades 1-4 includes a backpack, a pencil case, 10 notebooks with squared or lined paper (12-18 sheets each), plasticine, a board and a knife for plasticine, sets of colored paper and cardboard, scissors, watercolors, gouache, brushes, glue, plain and colored pencils, a drawing album, a 15 cm ruler (wooden), an eraser, blue pens.

All this was made possible thanks to private individuals, businesses, church communities, and international donors.

How can you help?

Before the new school year, by September 1, 2023, Caritas Ukraine calls on all willing individuals to support the campaign and help children in their pursuit of education:

You can make a donation using the following details:

Account: UA883253650000002600407913626 at KREDOBANK, MFO 325365, International Charitable Fund "Caritas Ukraine," EDRPOU 21695710. Purpose of payment: School Backpack 2023.

Transfer funds from a resident's card to the fund's website through the link.