"Striving to keep the post," - the blogger explains Tkachenko's reluctance to change the name of UOC-MP to ROC in Ukraine

12.05.2021, 11:05
"Striving to keep the post," - the blogger explains Tkachenko's reluctance to change the name of UOC-MP to ROC in Ukraine - фото 1
Oleksandr Tkachenko's unwillingness to change the name of the UOC-MP to the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine can be explained by the desire to stay in the office because the active activity of the minister can attract excessive attention.

This was stated on the air of the program "Time CH" on Channel 5 by blogger, member of the Political Council of the party "Democratic axe" Yuri Gudimenko.

"If you don't make any sudden movements, then you seem to fall out of sight, and you can sit in your chair for quite a long time. And when you start doing something, you either become a star – no one has succeeded yet, or you fly out to hell because too much attention is focused on you. Of course, the minister of information policy should understand the fact that just as Russian television is preparing a fifth column for us, so the Russian Orthodox Church is preparing a "consecrated" column for us. This is simple, clear, and in 2021 does not require any proof – this is an axiom. But it is clear to everyone that there will be resistance, these Novinskys will go, they will make these "religious processions", they will lay down their bones there," he said.

The blogger also commented on the mass presence of priests of the Moscow Patriarchate at events in honor of May 9 in Ukraine.

"This is a very cool signal for all of us, and this signal is interpreted very simply – "we understand that we seem to be being beaten now" – these funny shots think. And the only thing that can save them, except for the police cordon, is the presence of priests and monks because, in our country, it is not customary to beat priests. We all know that all people in Ukraine are certainly equal, but religious figures are a little more equal than others, and they are allowed a little more than others. This is called mimicry – this is their camouflage, which they wear so that they do not get nailed right on the streets," he explained.

"They have been using it for a long time – I remember in Zaporizhia when in 2014 on" egg Sunday "Patriots surrounded the separatists – everyone knows about this fact, but apart from Zaporizhia, few people know how this day ended – it ended with the fact that the Archbishop of Zaporizhia and Melitopol of this "cotton wool" Church, the Russian Orthodox Church, came with several of his priests and under the border then still militia, headed by this priest, they were taken out and brought to the nearest District Department and hidden there. That is, they were hiding behind priests because otherwise, they simply would not have passed," Gudimenko added.