The government has approved the locked-in price of gas for religious organizations

22.10.2021, 17:46
The government has approved the locked-in price of gas for religious organizations - фото 1
The Cabinet of Ministers authorized Naftogaz trading to conclude contracts for the supply of natural gas to religious organizations at a fixed price from October 2021 to the end of 2022.

This decision provided for by the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of October 11, 2021 No. 1234-R was adopted based on the results of consideration of the appeal of the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations.

LLC "Gas Supply Company" Naftogaz Trading" will conclude contracts with religious organizations in accordance with sample agreement. At the same time, the price of natural gas will be fixed for this period and will be UAH 16554 per 1000 cubic meters. m., which includes VAT and fees for transportation by backbone networks.

According to the official notice, to conclude a contract, a religious organization must send the following documents by mail to Naftogaz Trading:

1. Request to conclude the contract, drawn up in any form (full name and phone number of the contact person responsible for concluding the contract must be specified);
2. Copy of the settlement reconciliation report as of September 30, 2021, either a certificate from the previous gas supplier stating that there is no overdue debt for natural gas as of 30.09.2021 or permission from the previous supplier to transfer the consumer (religious organization) to another supplier;
3. Copy of the application for adhering to the terms of the natural gas distribution agreement (with the EIS code);
4. Copy of the Charter (Regulations) of a religious organization with a note on state registration;
5. Copy of an extract from the Unified State Register of legal entities received no earlier than 01.10.2021;
6. Copy of the inventory of state registration of a legal entity with a code for viewing the extract and Charter in the Unified State Register of legal entities;
7. Copies of documents confirming the manager's authority or a person authorized to sign a natural gas supply contract by a religious organization (protocol, decision, order, power of attorney, etc.).
8. Original agreement on the natural gas supply, issued in 2 copies and signed by the consumer (religious organization).

All documents must be properly executed, signed by an authorized person, and have a seal (if available). Specified documents in paper form (with original signatures) sent by mail to the address of the gas supply company "Naftogaz Trading": 04116, Kyiv, Sholudenka Street, 1.

Also, the invitation and the contract can be signed electronically. To do this, the consumer (religious organization) must draw up the relevant documents in any system that allows you to apply an electronic signature, and send them to the email address of Naftogaz Trading: [email protected]

Contact person of Naftogaz Trading on the conclusion of natural gas supply contracts is Volodymyr Plahotniuck, Tel.: 044 586 36 75, mobile.: 067 503 71 59.

Earlier, the AUCCRO raised before the Prime Minister of Ukraine the issue of a significant increase in the price of natural gas for religious organizations, which differs in different regions and has reached the level of tariffs for both commercial enterprises. Prime minister Denis Shmygal issued instructions to resolve this issue.