The head of the UGCC called on the IAEA experts to "not let the invaders deceive them"

31.08.2022, 10:20
Ukraine and world
The head of the UGCC called on the IAEA experts to "not let the invaders deceive them" - фото 1
Unfortunately, the invaders have turned the ZNPP into a torture chamber, where they torture employees of this power plant so that they, God forbid, do not tell the whole truth. There are a lot of weapons there, and photos of four holes in the roof of the power plant have been published. Therefore, we ask the world for an objective assessment of this danger and call on everyone to make every effort to prevent a new tragedy, the consequences of which we will not be able to fully eliminate later. This was stated by the head of the UGCC, His Beatitude Sviatoslav, in his daily military address on the 188th day of Russia's war against Ukraine.

The head of the UGCC appealed to the international community about the new threatening circumstances that have developed around the Zaporizhia NPP.

"We know that these days the International Atomic Energy Agency will finally have access to this power plant and will be able to assess the dangers and risks that exist there for Ukraine, Europe and the world. In this regard, I ask that international experts do not allow themselves to be deceived by the occupiers who want to pass off wishful thinking," he said.

The IAEA mission traveled from Kyiv to Zaporizhia NPP to inspect the situation and establish a permanent mission. This was stated by IAEA Director General Mariano Grossi at a briefing in Kyiv.

"We are finally leaving after six months of effort. The IAEA is heading to Zaporizhia NPP. As you know, we have a very important task there – to work and examine the real situation there, to help stabilize the situation as much as possible," he said.

The head of the IAEA added that the mission plans to spend several days at the station, in particular, to communicate with the staff and report on the results of the trip. According to Grossi, the organization also intends to establish a permanent representative office at the station.

In addition, the director general noted that the IAEA is crossing the front for the first time: "we are heading to the war zone, to the occupied territories. This requires clear guarantees not only from the Russian Federation but also from Ukraine. We were able to ensure this."

The mission of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), led by its head Rafael Grossi, arrived in the Ukrainian capital on the eve of a planned visit to the ZNPP, the largest nuclear power plant in Europe.

Since March 4, it has been captured by the Russian military, and since then, the invaders have been placing military equipment and ammunition on the station site and shelling the surrounding area.

The UN, the United States and Ukraine have called on Russia to withdraw military equipment and personnel from the nuclear facility.