The lawyer of the Crimean Imam Fevziev described the conditions in the pre-trial detention center

01.09.2021, 10:57
The lawyer of the Crimean Imam Fevziev described the conditions in the pre-trial detention center - фото 1
Religious figure Raif Fevziev, who was detained and arrested after mass searches in the occupied Crimea, is being held in an overcrowded cell of the Simferopol pre-trial detention center under round-the-clock video surveillance.

It was reported by "Crimean solidarity" that cited lawyer Lilya Gemedzhi, according to Ukrinform.

"He is in an overcrowded cell under video surveillance without a proper bathroom together with a "violent" prisoner," the lawyer said after meeting with the client.

According to her, 8 people are being detained in a 2.5-by-4.5-meter cell, while only 6 beds are available. There is no TV or refrigerator in the room. In addition to draughts, humidity and mice, there is a narrow washroom with plastic doors that do not close and open space for video surveillance from above.

There is also no hot water in the cell, and convicts were taken out to bathe only once, half a month ago.

The lawyer noted that her client did not sleep for two days because of the "violent" prisoner, who, because of "delirium tremens", has to be tied up for the safety of cellmates.

As reported, on August 17, at 4 AM in Crimea, new mass searches were conducted in the premises of Crimean Tatar Muslims in the Simferopol and Bakhchisarai districts of Crimea, as well as in the Balaklava and Nakhimov districts of Sevastopol. Investigative measures were carried out by employees of the FSB and the so-called Center for combating extremism (CPE).

As a result of investigative measures, five people were detained and arrested - Rustem Muras and Rustem Tairov (Nakhimovsky District of Sevastopol), Dzhebbar Bekirov (Balaklavsky District Sevastopol), Zavur Abdullayev (Bakhchisarai district) and Raif Fevziev (Simferopol District).

Raif Fevziev, 41, is an imam of a local religious community who graduated from a madrasah, a father with many children, and an activist. He systematically attended politically motivated court sessions and supported the families of political prisoners. He is charged under Part 1 of Article 205.5 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ("participation in the activities of a terrorist party"). The Kyiv District Court remanded him in custody until October 9, 2021.