The Russian Church is working hard to destroy the "Ukrainian world" in Ukraine, - expert opinion

23.07.2021, 09:35
The Russian Church is working hard to destroy the "Ukrainian world" in Ukraine, - expert opinion - фото 1
The Church has always been only a political tool for the Kremlin. The Russian Church is purposefully and powerfully working to destroy the "Ukrainian World" in Ukraine. It is one of the pillars of the implementation of Putin's doctrine of extending the "Russian World" to our lands. Political analyst Viktor Kaspruk wrote about this in the article "Moscow sends religious troops to Ukraine."

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According to Viktor Kaspruk, the Kremlin needs direct control over Kyiv to fully revive the empire, without the restoration of which Putin cannot imagine his historical heritage.

"The Muscovite Church still considers Ukraine its canonical land. In the late 2000-ties, it began to build new churches en masse in Kyiv. It looked like a deliberate seizure of the capital's territories... Great-power chauvinism and the Church have become the most important ideological and religious tools for zombifying Ukrainians who have been captured by foreign influence. Undisguised propaganda of the" Russian world "and" one people " – Russians and Ukrainians – is only a small tip of the iceberg of propaganda actions. However, Moscow priests are always saved by the closeness and inviolability of their institutions," the political scientist writes.

And he adds: "Hierarchs do not lag behind in the great campaign of converting" lost Ukrainians "into the womb of the "canonical Church". All those who do not support the "crusade" on Ukrainian territory are schismatics, separatists and infidels for Moscow priests."

As Viktor Kaspruk notes, the Kremlin and Lubyanka have put religion at the service of the idea of creating the "Russian World" in Ukraine. The Moscow Patriarchate is massively exiling pseudo-spiritual pastors to Ukraine who sing anathema to Ukrainian patriots. In general, how much of Russian presence is needed in Ukraine? Moscow believes that this is enough to completely and irreversibly displace Ukraine from Ukraine. They use the last argument - the Church, which still has at least some influence on the people. And not because of Russian Orthodoxy, but because Christianity in Ukraine has thousands of years of roots."

The political scientist advises parishioners of the Moscow church to think about the following – whether the Church, which in recent decades has been engaged in permutation and the sale of weapons, has the right to be considered canonical, and moreover Christian... A church that was and remains completely under the control of the Putin regime and the FSB. The Church, which, not caring about the fact that its own Russian House has been desecrated, wants to build it on the territory of Ukraine that is more suitable for it. The goal of the Moscow Church is to instill in Ukrainians that they are "little Russians", a nation without history and name, without past and future."

The political scientist considers Russia's current offensive on everything Ukrainian in Ukraine an attempt to "wrap chauvinism in a beautiful wrapper and present it in a glossy box of Orthodoxy."

"We must remember the destructive role that Moscow priests played during the occupation of Crimea and part of the Donbas by Russian troops. In preparation for the new "Ukrainian leap", Russia is actively organizing the "fifth column" and its fighters. They prudently set up camp in churches and monasteries. For some reason, the novices and monks here are almost all young and have a commendable military bearing," the political scientist writes and summarizes: "as soon as the Russians discover that the Ukrainians are actually a completely different people, their myth will fall. And with it, the existence of Putin's New Empire will inevitably end."