Three rules for youth from the Patriarch of the UGCC

15.09.2020, 09:06
Three rules for youth from the Patriarch of the UGCC - фото 1
Sviatoslav Shevchuk, Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, shared with young people what guides him in making decisions during the ‘Wind of Hope’ youth festival.

This was reported by the UGCC Information Department.

According to the Primate, a mature person takes responsibility because there is a certain responsibility behind every decision we make. If a person can't predict what consequences his decision will have, then he is immature.

No rush

When deciding, the first thing is never to rush, says His Beatitude Sviatoslav.

“At some point, the world that we live in urges us to make decisions very promptly.

In order to make the right decision, you must wait for it to ripen. Unfortunately, modern statesmen and politicians are marked by quick but immature choices. His Beatitude Lubomyr used to say: “you have to sleep a night on it.” So, I used to take a little time to make a mature decision,” the spiritual leader of Ukrainians said.

Ask for advice

The second rule – do not hesitate to ask for advice, even several people, if you need. “To meditate and pray about this matter in the presence of God. As we pray and ask the Lord God in prayer what we should do, we then understand even deeper what we are talking about, and at the same time give God the space to tell us,” the head of the UGCC believes.

Don't consider yourself the wisest

The third rule – do not think that you are the wisest, and the one who is near you does not know anything.

Ask for opinions, particularly from people who love you. Because the advice of love has great power. Do not hesitate to have people around you who disagree with you. If someone knows how to ask the opinion of a person who is critical, then you can see yourself, your situation from the other side,” said Patriarch Svyatoslav.

“That is, time, prayer, advice, love, good criticism – these will be the reasons that will help you make a mature and right life decision,” His Beatitude Sviatoslav summed up.