How to save marriage and learn to forgive? The Head of the Church gives advice

25.07.2021, 13:28
How to save marriage and learn to forgive? The Head of the Church gives advice - фото 1
I forgive not for the reason of being good but because God has forgiven me first. I share this forgiveness with others. Thus, I encourage you, share forgiveness and God’s love you received from Heavenly Father with each other. This was said by His Beatitude Sviatoslav in Zarvanytsia, while talking to youth and answering questions about how to forgive in marriage.

The Head mentioned that a marriage also goes through crises and these crises are important to pass together.

He gives few universal pieces of advice how to overcome a crisis.

The first one states that a real marriage, which is blessed by Church, is a Holy Sacrament not just in time of a wedding ceremony in a church. The Sacrament of Matrimony acts throughout a common married life.

“The God’s grace you received in the moment of a wedding is with you. When you feel it is hard, when crisis gets in, you need to revive that God’s grace within your marriage. What is the way of doing so? With a prayer, confession and Holy Communion… Sometimes you will even need to have a spiritual advisor, who might help you by talking over and dealing with a problem, - said the Head of the UGCC and emphasized: do not be so quick to break up a marriage”.

It is important to learn to forgive because forgiveness is a deep spiritual act. “To forgive does not mean to turn a blind eye to evil or pretend like nothing has happened. To forgive means to be able to change and be willing to change for the better together”, the spiritual leader asks to reflect.

The second important point is to talk.

We know when we are angry and do not talk to each other, to forgive becomes tougher. Therefore, even when you hold grudges, do not break a dialogue, talk to each other. Do not be afraid to tell that you were hurt”, encouraged he.

The third one, and Pope Francis, often speaks about it, is to listen.

“An ability to listen to each other is an art. The ability to listen might also mean a gesture of respect and love to another person. That is why we need to talk. And the grace of forgiveness is a power of God’s strength in our human nature”, His Beatitude Sviatoslav summarized.