"Ukraine is standing, Ukraine is fighting, Ukraine is praying", the Head of the UGCC

02 May, 09:14
"Ukraine is standing, Ukraine is fighting, Ukraine is praying", the Head of the UGCC - фото 1
Ukraine is already going through 67 days of this brutal war, this confrontation of our people with the Russian aggressor. Again, last night and the day before, the east and south of Ukraine were on fire. Again our Odesa was wounded by missiles and the Odessa airport was virtually destroyed. Kharkiv and Mykolayiv continue to be bombed and shot at by various types of  weapons, said his Beatitude Sviatoslav on May 1st.

He stressed that Ukraine is standing. Ukraine is fighting. Ukraine is praying. Moreover, the Ukrainian army is gradually liberating our land from the Russian occupier.

"Yesterday we saw joyful footage from several villages around Kharkiv, from where the Russians had shelled this city of several million people, which had now been liberated by the Ukrainian army. We saw tears of joy on the faces of older women who kissed and hugged their liberators. Ukraine prays for an end to this war.

Our Mariupol continues to be a particular pain for us, from which people are rescued by different roads and in different ways. But the enemy is trying to do everything to make the city a big cemetery, digging new mass graves, abusing the local population.

May the Lord God show His face in Ukraine. May He bless Ukraine through pure-hearted people who, even in the circumstances of a brutal war, know how to maintain their purity. People who look into the face of God and then see His image in every person and they try to serve God present in another person. Such people are already blessed. Such people rejoice in the purity of their hearts and see God.

We know that our Blessed Priest-Martyr Emilian Kovch, in the Majdanek concentration camp, said: “Here I see God, Who is one and the same for all.” He was able to keep a pure heart, even in the depths of the hell of a Nazi concentration camp.

May purity of heart be our strength in these military circumstances so that it might be our guarantee of victory over evil.

O God, bless Ukraine! O God, bless the Ukrainian army! O God, bless all those who seek Your face! O God, bless all those who glorify Your most holy Name with a pure heart!", said the Head of the UGCC.