Ukrainian Ambassador appeals to the Vatican on the eve of Easter

27 March, 12:38
Ukrainian Ambassador appeals to the Vatican on the eve of Easter - фото 1
This year, the Ukrainian diplomatic corps in the Vatican appealed to the Apostolic See's special service, requesting that they refrain from organizing an event for reconciliation between Ukrainians and Russians during the traditional Via Crucis.

This was reported in an interview with "Glavkom" by the Ambassador of Ukraine to the Vatican, Andriy Yurash.

In 2022, on Easter, the Vatican, during the traditional Via Crucis led by the Pope, entrusted native Ukrainians and Russians to jointly carry the cross, explaining this as a desire for reconciliation. However, the action caused a wave of indignation in Ukraine, but last year, the situation repeated itself.

The Ukrainian Ambassador to the Vatican assured that Ukrainian diplomats appealed to the special service in the Apostolic See, "requesting not to repeat the bitter experience of the past."

Andriy Yurash also emphasized that Ukraine did not have an ambassador to the Vatican for almost three years. This, in particular, could have played a role in situations related to the Pope and Ukraine.

However, at present, according to Yurash, Ukrainian diplomacy is strongly represented in the Apostolic See and applies all diplomatic instruments that could not be used in the absence of an ambassador before.

It is worth reminding that in 2022, i the Vatican, the Via Crucis was held with the participation of women, one representing Ukraine and the other - Russia. Despite the removal of the words "fraternal peoples" from the prayer, this event still outraged Ukrainians.