Uman prepares to celebrate Jewish New Year 5782

06.08.2021, 18:17
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Uman prepares to celebrate Jewish New Year 5782 - фото 1
Uman is preparing for the celebration of the Jewish New Year 5782 (Rosh Ha-Shanah), which according to the Jewish calendar will be celebrated from September 6 to 8.

So, the president of the Rabbi Nachman Foundation, Nathan Ben Noon, held a meeting with the chairman of the Cherkasy Regional State Administration Oleksandr Skichko and people's deputy Anton Yatsenko, in which the parties discussed problems related to the pilgrimage of Hasidim during the Rosh Hashanah celebration, Jewishnews reports.

in addition, employees of the Migration Service of the Cherkasy region came to Uman to check. And on August 6, it was decided to deport a 51-year-old Hasidim for hooliganism in a synagogue and violating migration laws.

The international police station in Uman is still not open, but 550 police officers will maintain public order during the pilgrimage.

In addition, the Ukrainian Embassy in Israel is holding talks with the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Israel, as well as other Israeli ministers regarding the pilgrimage of Bratslav Hasidim to Uman.

The process of preparing for the arrival of Hasidim in Uman was started by the Israeli ambassador to Ukraine Joel Lyon at the end of his cadence in this post.

The Executive Committee of the Uman City Council also discussed additional measures that will be taken by the city within the framework of these measures. Before the arrival of Hasidim in the Jewish district of Uman, they also planned to install additional surveillance cameras.