Uman residents are actively vaccinated to accept Hasidim - Ministry of Health

10.08.2021, 09:42
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Igor Kuzin
Uman is completing preparations for the safe reception of Hasidic pilgrims for the current celebration of the Jewish New Year (Rosh Ha-Shanah).

This was stated by Deputy Minister of Health — Chief Sanitary doctor of Ukraine Ihor Kuzin: "Now the epidemiological situation in Ukraine, high levels of vaccination coverage in the world and timely preparation for this celebration allow accepting pilgrims, in addition, residents of Uman are actively vaccinated — especially for employees of the hotel and restaurant sector."

The festival will take place in early September. In order to prepare for mass events, the resolution of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor No. 6 of 28.07.2021 "On approval of anti-epidemic measures during international pilgrimage by foreign citizens on the territory of Ukraine for the period of quarantine due to the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19)"has already been signed. It contains basic anti-epidemic requirements for the mask regime, temperature screening, passenger transportation features, and so on.

For example, when transporting Hasidim in organized groups, by road or rail, the carrier must organize temperature screening of all pilgrims and their accompanying persons (hereinafter referred to as participants in transportation). Employees and participants of transportation who have a body temperature of more than 37.2 °C or signs of respiratory diseases during temperature screening will not be allowed to transport.

Entrance to the territory of a compact gathering of pilgrims and places of pilgrimage will be allowed if you use personal protective equipment covering your nose and mouth, after measuring the temperature with a non-contact thermometer.

Border crossing rules are clearly defined by the latest amendments to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, No. 1236.

Uman residents are actively vaccinated to accept Hasidim - Ministry of Health - фото 76949


For safety, reducing the risk of infection and clear navigation of pilgrims, the Ministry of Health has mobilized many partners. Already now:

- information materials are produced for distribution at airports and in the city of Uman;
- the Red Cross Society of Ukraine has attracted volunteers from Ukraine and Israel to strengthen the ability of rapid testing of pilgrims.
- the public health center has allocated 19 thousand antiseptics and 190 thousand masks, and they will be delivered to Uman in the near future;

It is expected to deliver 50 thousand express tests to ensure the testing of pilgrims.

"We are doing everything possible to ensure that the entry and stay of pilgrims on the territory of Ukraine is safe for both local citizens and those who will come. I emphasize that vaccination is the only effective way to prevent severe COVID-19 and death," Igor Kuzin said.