UNESCO plans to increase support for the preservation of Ukrainian cultural heritage

21 July, 09:50
UNESCO plans to increase support for the preservation of Ukrainian cultural heritage - фото 1
UNESCO presented recommendations for the preservation of cultural heritage in areas affected by the destruction of the Kahovka Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP).

The press service of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy (MCIP) reported the outcomes of the meeting between UNESCO representatives Kyari Bardeski and Yulia Fediv in Kyiv and the Interdepartmental Coordination Center for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage and Cultural Values in the areas affected by the destruction of the Kahovka HPP, as reported by Ukrinform.

"We are grateful to UNESCO and all partners for their active participation in preserving Ukraine's cultural heritage. Despite the security situation and temporary occupation, which hinder access to the areas affected by the Russian destruction of the Kahovka HPP, we must collectively utilize all opportunities to save Ukrainian cultural treasures. At the same time, the value of human life remains the top priority," said Minister of Culture and Information Policy, Oleksandr Tkachenko, who chaired the meeting.

UNESCO representatives emphasized the need for increased assistance in rescuing Ukrainian cultural heritage due to the magnitude of the tragedy.

Specifically, in 2023-2024, the continuation of monitoring and identifying affected sites based on satellite imagery of the HPP is expected, along with assessing and documenting damages, on-site evaluation of losses, drying and cleaning, stabilization and conservation of cultural heritage sites, including archaeological findings, conducting archaeological excavations, and creating conditions for preserving discoveries, measures to prevent looting of objects and illegal trafficking of cultural valuables.

Deputy Minister Kateryna Chuieva added that the matter of preserving cultural heritage requires thorough discussion in the context of the possible restoration of the HPP, as "hundreds of monuments were known even before the flooding, and newly discovered objects will be added."

The Coordination Center was established by the Cabinet of Ministers to coordinate actions in protecting cultural heritage and cultural values in the areas affected by the explosion of the Kahovka HPP dam and to develop a plan of measures aimed at enhancing the protection of cultural heritage in these regions.

During the night of June 6, the occupiers detonated the Kahovka HPP, resulting in damages to the complex of structures of the HPP built between 1951-1958, the ensemble of structures in the Central Square of Nova Kakhovka, and the historic center of Nova Kakhovka. Several temples and cultural houses in Nova Kakhovka, as well as in the villages of Korsunka and Dnipryany, were also flooded.