UOC-MP seizes Organ Hall in Dnipro

26.06.2021, 07:10
UOC-MP seizes Organ Hall in Dnipro - фото 1
In Dnipro, the rector of St. Nicholas Church of the Diocese of Dnipropetrovsk, UOC-MP, priest Kostyantyn Kalashnikov, hung locks on the doors of the entrances to the Organ Hall and sealed them with seals with the details of his religious organization.

Anton Cherneta, artistic director of the Dnipropetrovsk House of Organ and Chamber Music wrote about it on his Facebook page, Depo.Dnipro reports.

The clergy of the Moscow Patriarchate also expelled the security guard of the organ hall from the territory and do not allow the creative team to enter the premises.

The police were called to the scene.

"In response to our repeated requests to stop these actions and apply for a peaceful resolution of the legal aspects of the situation to the Regional Council, the rector does not take any actions. There is no dialogue," Cherneta writes.

On December 30, 2009, the then chairman of the Regional Council Yuriy Vilkul issued a power of attorney to Smirny, which allowed him to sign and conclude settlement agreements on behalf of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council.

On August 26, 2010, on behalf of the Regional Council, Smirny signed a settlement agreement with the religious community "St. Nicholas Church" of the UOC-MP, according to which the building of the Organ Hall became the property of the church.

Since February 2017, residents of Dnipro have been trying to get the Organ Hall back. In April 2017, the court refused to return the Organ Hall to the Dnipro community.