"You might as well put to prison Prince Volodymyr for the Baptism of Rus" - Ukrainians respond to the case brought against Poroshenko

20.06.2020, 15:23
The charges brought against Poroshenko caused a surge of discussion on social networks. Users joked that in addition to the fifth President, they might as well prosecute Prince Volodymyr of Kyiv or Allah.

The State Bureau of Investigation reported that an investigation is underway into possible illegal actions of senior officials aimed at "inciting inter-religious discord in the creation of the OCU."

As reported, the SBI confirmed the proceedings against Poroshenko for the Tomos.

On June 18, Poroshenko said that they want to institute a criminal case against him "for inciting inter-religious discord by obtaining the Tomos and creating the Orthodox Church of Ukraine."

"Another piece of news that I learned this week. It turns out they brought another case against me. Allow me to quote it:

"For inciting inter-religious strife through obtaining a Tomos and creating the Orthodox Church of Ukraine," said the fifth President of Ukraine.

According to Poroshenko, all these charges are written in the Kremlin, and law enforcement agencies only broadcast them.

"Because these SBI structures are headed by Yanukovych's lawyers, who are appointed there by the green (Zelenskyy's) power," he said.