Babyn Yar synagogue opens officially

14.05.2021, 18:07
Babyn Yar synagogue opens officially - фото 1
On the day of remembrance of the Ukrainians who saved Jews during World War II, a place for reflection (a symbolic synagogue) was opened in Babyn Yar, which will become one of the elements of the Holocaust Memorial Center.

This is reported by Glavkom.

There are memorials to the victims of the Holocaust in Israel, Poland, Germany, and the United States. Now in Kyiv, too, there is one of the elements of the future Memorial in memory of the victims.

Symbolic synagogue - a place for reflection - a joint project of the Babi Yar Holocaust Memorial Center and the Babi Yar National Historical and Memorial Reserve. It is built in the form of a folding Panorama book. The building was designed by the famous Swiss architect Manuel Hertz.

Designer Yaroslav Novitsky, designer Dmitry Pisarevsky, artist Galina Andrusenko, woodworking expert Vladimir Redin, and chief producer of the project Alexey Makukhin also worked on the creation of the synagogue.

The synagogue is decorated with patterns and texts of prayers that repeat the traditional painting of ancient synagogues in western Ukraine, destroyed during World War II and the Holocaust. The ceiling of the building is decorated with drawings in the form of a map of the starry sky, reproducing the position of the stars on September 29, 1941 – the first day of the mass shootings in Babi Yar. It is made of centuries-old oak wood, which was brought from different parts of Ukraine.

The synagogue is part of the Russian Babyn Yar memorialization project. It should be noted that the "place for reflection" (symbolic synagogue) is part of the Russian Babyn Yar memorialization project, which is directed by director Ilya Hrzhanovsky.

According to the documents, the synagogue is listed as an architectural accessory.

On December 25, 2020, on Christmas Day according to the Gregorian calendar, the initiators of the Russian project of the Babyn Yar memorial complex began excavations at St Cyrill Orthodox cemetery and came across the remains of old graves there. This caused a big scandal in society.

As you know, the Office of the President of Ukraine allowed the Russian authors of the Babyn Yar Memorial to start construction of a Memorial Synagogue on the land of the St. Cyril Orthodox cemetery.

Earlier, Ukrainian Jews expressed strong disagreement with the Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center project, initiated and funded by Russian billionaires, as one that should become a weapon for Russian propaganda in its quest to discredit our state in the world.

Minister of culture and information policy of Ukraine Oleksandr Tkachenko said that the "political aspect" should be removed from the disputes surrounding the Babyn Yar memorial projects.