Court extended Metropolitan Pavlo's (Lebid) house arrest until July 1st

29 May, 16:49
Court extended Metropolitan Pavlo's (Lebid) house arrest until July 1st - фото 1
Metropolitan Pavlo (Petro Lebid) of Vyshhorod and Chornobyl of the UOC-MP (Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate) and former Deputy of the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, has had his preventive measure in the form of house arrest extended.

This was reported by Suspilne.

The court granted the prosecutor's motion to extend the round-the-clock house arrest until July 1st, with the obligation to wear an ankle bracelet. The issue of extending the preventive measure was considered by the judges of the Solomiansky District Court of Kyiv.

The court session was interrupted by an air raid alarm declared in the capital. After the alarm ended, the court resumed its work.

"We request the extension of the house arrest until July 1st for Petro Lebid on suspicion of armed aggression (by Russia) and humiliation of citizens due to religious beliefs. The pre-trial investigation is ongoing, and during the investigative actions, it has been established that he could influence the witnesses," said prosecutor Yevhen Zavistovsky in his motion.

Metropolitan Pavlo responded to the motion by addressing the prosecutor and the SBU investigator.

"Aren't you ashamed of what you write? Both of you," he remarked.

On April 1st, Metropolitan Pavlo was handed a suspicion notice, and on the same day, the Shevchenkivsky District Court of Kyiv imposed a preventive measure on him in the form of round-the-clock house arrest. During the hearing on May 29th, he denied any affiliation with the Moscow Patriarchate and expressed outrage over the nickname "Pasha Mercedes," which stuck to him due to the use of expensive cars.

"What the prosecutors have attributed to me, the Moscow Patriarchate and the fact that I incite enmity are lies. We profess peace. I disagree with the prosecutor. I have not violated anything in two months. I am rooting for the state, I want an end to Russian aggression. I'm curious why I'm called 'Mercedes.' I have never been an enemy. On what basis are preventive measures being imposed on me? I understood that it's a political matter," said the suspect.

Lawyer Oleh Povalyaev requested the summoning of the "so-called victims" in court. The judge rejected the motion, stating that they should be summoned during the substantive consideration of the case, while the judge only determines the preventive measure.

Another lawyer, Mykita Chekman, asked the court to impose a preventive measure in the form of a personal obligation and to remove the electronic bracelet from the suspect due to his alleged health condition.

"Petro Lebid requires constant monitoring due to diabetes. The suspicion is unfounded, and they are doing this to remove Lebid from the position of the Lavra head. He has an impeccable reputation, and the monastery has been restored through his efforts. Round-the-clock house arrest is equivalent to detention. There are no grounds for its extension," Chekman argued.

The suspect, the Metropolitan of the UOC-MP, mentioned that he received a call at night asking him to join the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU) led by Metropolitan Epifaniy.

"At night, there was a call with an interpreter, saying that if you join Metropolitan Epifaniy, all accusations will be dropped. I don't compromise with God. I have the UOC, and I ask not to call me at night anymore. I request not to have the ankle bracelet and to be able to visit the Lavra at least twice a month," the hierarch said in court.