In Lviv, the Salesian Fathers, together with the city council, set up the campus of “Mariapolis” for temporarily displaced persons

31.05.2022, 14:02
In Lviv, the Salesian Fathers, together with the city council, set up the campus of “Mariapolis” for temporarily displaced persons - фото 1
In Lviv, a modular campus for temporarily resettled persons "Mariapolis" was opened, which the city council set up in cooperation with the Salesian Fathers and with the support of the Polish government.

This is reported by the press service of the Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops of the UGCC.

The campus is located in Sykhiv, near the park named after John Paul II. The fathers of the Salesian Congregation and the UGCC planned to build a school here, but due to the war, the implementation of the idea had to be postponed. Now 350 people can find shelter here.

The grand opening of the campus took place with the participation of the chairman of the Lviv era Maksym Kozytsky, and the mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovy. The rite of consecration was performed by Father Andriy Bodnar of the SDB, UGCC and rector of the Church of the Nativity of the Most-Holy Theotokos of the UGCC Fr. Orestes Fredyna.

"The campus was named Mariapolis – the city of Maria. Mariupol is very close to the heart of every Ukrainian and every person on this planet who wishes well, " said Fr Andriy Bodnar. “We want people's stay on this campus to be bright here. So that the echo of this little Mariapolis becomes a great prospect for the revival of our glorious Mariupol."

Container houses were handed over free of charge by Poland. They are equipped with two-story beds, tables, and wardrobes. The dining room, laundry room, showers and toilets are separated. A children's playground was also set up on the campus territory.

Food for people is provided by the Salesian Congregation, UGCC. Now complex lunches are brought from the canteen of the youth center of St. Ivana Bosco. In a few days, the food hall will start working, so food will be prepared on the spot.

The Salesian Fathers will also take care of spiritual care of the inhabitants of Mariapolis.

"Many people who settled here, until recently lived in our communities, we prayed together, had interesting conversations. Our animators organized various activities and master classes for children. We will continue to support people in this difficult period of life," said Fr Andriy Bodnar.
The head of Lviv ОВА thanked the Salesian Fathers and the city administration for the fact that people who were forced to leave their homes or lost them will be able to feel safe and under care here.

"Thank you to the fathers for sharing your warmth and love. We feel that there is a great caress of God in this town," added Andriy Sadovy. “Let us pray that the mother of God will take under her protection "Mariyapolis". And so that victory comes as soon as possible!".