In the occupied Crimea, another mosque attendant accused of ‘illegal missionary activity’

13.11.2020, 10:30
Ablyakim Galiev, a servant of a rural mosque, was accused of "illegal missionary activities" in the so-called judicial station No. 86 of the Sudak district in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

In the occupied Crimea, another mosque attendant accused of ‘illegal missionary activity’ - фото 61642


This is stated in a video published by Crimean solidarity on Facebook, Ukrinform reports.

"A decision has been made, and we strongly disagree with this decision. During the hearing, lawyer Emil Kurbedinov filed a motion to consider in the courtroom the video that was held in the mosque and which was included in the evidence base of Galiev's guilt," said Public Defender Seyran Kamilov.

According to another public defender, Seitosman Karaliyev, there was no corpus delicti in Galiyev's actions, as he was performing an ordinary Muslim religious rite.

"He performed a religious rite in a religious building, a mosque, like all other Muslims who came there," Karaliev stated.

The defense intends to appeal the decision of the "court".

According to the Crimean human rights group, more than a hundred illegally issued decisions "for missionary activity" have been recorded in Crimea to date, according to which fines have been awarded in the amount of at least RUR 1,340,500 rubles (UAH 487,720).

Earlier it was reported that the religious building in the village of Dachne near Sudak became the object of attention of the occupation authorities of Crimea due to the fact that the mosque, where Imam Galiev provided religious services to local residents, is not part of the structure of the spiritual administration of Muslims of Crimea, which cooperates with the "authorities".