Ismagilov: Russia uses the Muslim factor in ideological war against Ukraine

07.12.2023, 18:45
Ismagilov: Russia uses the Muslim factor in ideological war against Ukraine - фото 1
"Russia widely employs the Muslim factor as a weapon in ideological and propaganda warfare against Ukraine."

This was emphasized by the former mufti of the Religious Directorate of Muslims of Ukraine "Umma" and current military serviceman Sayid Ismagilov during a press conference at Ukrinform.

"Our enemy uses various levers and factors in this war, including a powerful religious factor. This is one of the forms of ideological weapons used against Ukraine... The Muslim factor is also extensively engaged in the ideological and propaganda war against Ukraine," stated Ismagilov.

In his belief, Russia will continue using the Muslim factor "to destroy our state, to seize our cultural landmarks, and to eliminate the most active religious figures."

"They (the aggressors) will have no sentiment," believes the serviceman.

He also noted that Russian Muslim spiritual administrations are "actively involved in politics," and in the temporarily occupied territories, they immediately start dividing religious properties and mosques among themselves.

"On at least five mosques under the Religious Directorate of Muslims of Ukraine, located in temporarily occupied territories, it is known that they have been destroyed or damaged," mentioned Murat Suleymanov, the current mufti of "Umma."

"Two mosques in Bahmut and Severodonetsk were completely destroyed. In Kostiantynivka, there are occasional shelling and damages," Suleymanov explained.

He has also mentioned that information about a damaged mosque in Mariupol is also available: "We know that this mosque was also damaged, and unfortunately, its restoration is now being carried out by the occupiers. They try to show that everything is fine. Everything is being restored. But we know what is happening there."

Additionally, according to Suleymanov, the occupiers seized the building of a mosque in temporarily occupied Henichesk, which previously served as a children's camp.