"Let us show how we celebrate Epiphany," - Poroshenko calls on his supporters to come to court on January 19

18.01.2022, 10:54
"Let us show how we celebrate Epiphany," - Poroshenko calls on his supporters to come to court on January 19 - фото 1
After the announcement on January 17 that the next hearing in the Pechersk District Court in the case of Petro Poroshenko will be held on January 19 at 14.00, the leader of the "European Solidarity" came out to his supporters and thanked them for their great support.

Poroshenko appealed to his supporters and urged them to support him on January 19, the Feast of Epiphany. Thereafter, the organizers of the rally in support of Petro Poroshenko also called on the protesters to come to a rally near the Pechersk Court on January 19 at 13.00 after visiting churches.

In his address Petro Poroshenko said:

"Today they crossed the line, trying to arrest the fifth president of Ukraine, and something went wrong with them because ordinary Ukrainians were the first to stand up for Ukraine. First of all, these are the members of the European Solidarity Party, its “youth team”, “Community Affairs”, “Brothers in Arms” and our partners throughout the democratic environment... To date, they have so far failed this scenario... You can't split the country when the enemy Putin is standing at the gate. For five years, our team was giving him a punch in the teeth. For five years we have been fighting back against Russian aggression.... For five years, we have been moving the country to the EU and NATO. It's time, friends, to unite and resume the movement towards NATO and the EU. It's time to finish experimenting with “green” trash over our best and most beloved Ukraine. And today we didn't win the war, we didn't even win the battle. But we definitely kept our positions, preventing them from advancing, destroying Ukraine. And this was made possible thanks to you...

Friends, you are doing great. Dear friends, no one has such a team anywhere as you and I, the Ukrainian team. Glory to our team! Glory to Ukraine! They say that devils die at Epiphany. They decided to announce the decision on Epiphany, the 19th. Agreed? Let's show them at Epiphany how we can celebrate the great Christian holiday. I'm waiting for you all. You're so cool. You're doing great. I love you very much."

On December 20, 2021, the State Bureau of Investigation informed Poroshenko of suspicion of high treason and facilitating the activities of terrorist organizations in the framework of the case of a criminal scheme for the supply of coal from the temporarily occupied territories.

Poroshenko has been on a diplomatic tour since December 17, 2021. He said that he will return to Ukraine on January 17. On the same day, the Pechersk District Court of Kyiv considered the prosecutor’s application and decided to seize Poroshenko's property, which, according to state registers, belongs to him by right of ownership, in particular, real estate objects, corporate rights, etc.

Petro Poroshenko arrived in Ukraine on the morning of January 17. At the airport, he was met by several thousand fans.

Several thousand people also gathered near the building of the Pechersk District Court in Kyiv in support of Poroshenko. They chanted: "Ukraine needs Porokh!" (Gunpowder - translator's note) Poroshenko's supporters did not disperse until the end of the first day of the court session.