Mass graves appear in Mariupol, beside the mosque destroyed by rashists

27.06.2022, 11:03
Mass graves appear in Mariupol, beside the mosque destroyed by rashists - фото 1
In Mariupol, burials of residents killed by Russians emerge near the mosque destroyed by shelling, which used to be a decoration of the city.

Photos of the mosque before and after the "liberation" by Russia were published by the Mariupol City Council on Telegram, reports Ukrinform.

"Nothing is sacred to the invaders. They shelled the mosque in March when women and children were hiding there. Now there is an abandoned place in the park, where the mass graves of Mariupol residents killed by the Russians are located. This is exactly what Russkiy Mir and its attitude to religion look like," the report says.

The City Council notes that the mosque was an ornament of the Seaside (Prymorsky) Park. A place where members of the Muslim community of the city not only spent time and prayed but also all citizens walked and rested.

The Mariupol mosque in honor of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and Roksolana and the Islamic Cultural Center of the same name were officially opened on October 15, 2007, in the presence of guests of Honor from Turkey.

The mosque was built of marble imported from Turkey. The construction lasted three years. The works were funded by the Azerbaijani diaspora of the city and Turkish businessman Salih Cihani, also with the support of the city council. The mosque was designed by the Suleymaniye Jami Mosque in Istanbul.

Russia's aggression has caused one of the biggest humanitarian disasters in Mariupol. The city was almost completely destroyed as a result of enemy shelling.

Mariupol today is without a normal supply of electricity, water, and gas. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, about 22 thousand civilians have been killed in the city. More than 50 thousand people were deported to Russia and the temporarily occupied territories of the Donetsk region.